Pazo Baión

  • Pazo Baión 2022 (750ml)


    Pazo Baión 2022 (750ml)

    The “Pazo Baión” Albariño wine reflects the maximum quality of the Albariño grape cultivated in a singular vineyard, under the concept of “vino de pago” (estate wine), in which its ecosystem is clearly expressed in the wine.

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  • Pazo Baión “Vides De Fontán” 2018 (750ml)


    Pazo Baión “Vides De Fontán” 2018 (750ml)

    The origins of Pazo Baión go back to the 16th century on the estate known as Casa de Fontán, where, according to written testimonies, vines were cultivated as early as 1731, white vines that were most probably Albariño grapes. The present-day vineyards of Pazo Baión are the descendants of those mythical vines, perfectly adapted to the singular surroundings that give the wines their strong personality. This wine is made with grapes from the highest, most expressive plots; its long life in the bottle stands out among its other exceptional sensorial characteristics.

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  • Pazo Baión “Gran A Gran” 2015 (500ml)


    Pazo Baión “Gran A Gran” 2015 (500ml)

    Halfway up the slopes of Pazo Baión’s old vineyards, we cultivate a plot of Albariño grapes that feature, year after year, the optimum conditions for developing a “noble rot,” produced by the Botrytis Cinerea fungus, in morning conditions alternating with dry, sunny afternoons.

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  • Pazo Baión book


    Pazo Baión book

    The book “Pazo Baión. Best Wine Tourism Corner in Spain 2016 ”, is the reissue and update of the book “Pazo Baión. Cooperativa Condes de Albarei ”, published in 2012, and which was awarded a Gourmand World Wine Book award for the best book in the world in the category of “wine book for professionals”.

    With the help of José Hidalgo, César Portela and Xosé Fortes, we take a tour of the most important moments in the history of this emblematic estate that dates back to the 16th century and was acquired by the Condes de Albarei winery in 2008.

    You will also know the most important oenological aspects of the brand; and you will discover the landscape and architectural beauty of the farm through the magnificent illustrations that accompany it and that will allow you to transport yourself to Pazo Baión.

    This exclusive edition consists of a book and an individual case, a perfect combination to give as a gift

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