Pruning time in Condes de Albarei

Pruning time in Condes de Albarei

The winter months are a time of pruning in the Rías Baixas, the first work carried out on the vines every year and one of the most important for the success of the future harvest. This process consists in the elimination of the green parts of the plant that are not necessary to be able to improve its growth, its yield and, of course, the quality of the fruits.

This process is treated with special care in our Condes de Albarei winery, as each of our cooperative farms has particularities that make them unique and, therefore, not all work can be done at the same time or in the same way. Between the months of December and March our winemakers wait patiently for the vines to lose all their leaves and, once they are asleep so that they do not suffer any damage, they begin pruning tasks centered on two elements: the selection of the rods of production that will bear fruit in the next harvest, and also of the thumbs, which will provide wood for pruning the following year and thanks to which the plant will grow healthy and strong.

At this time some of our winemakers are still in the process of pruning, while those who work in the most advanced farms are already tying the selected rods to the wires of the fence, seeking to place them in an optimal way so that the vegetation is found best distributed possible when it sprouts.

In this way, at Condes de Albarei we ensure that we obtain a perfect balance between the quality of our fruits and the quantities collected, which allows us to generate the necessary liters of must to cover our production needs with all the quality guarantees.

Once these two processes are finished, the next step of the production cycle will be that of the vines subscriber. For this, the technical department of Condes de Albarei performs analysis in each vineyard and, depending on the results, advises each winegrower so that they can pay in an appropriate manner in each farm.

We are looking forward to spring to see our farms full of life again!

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