Albarei Collection Pack


It’s our 33rd anniversary!

We want to celebrate with you this dream come true, started in 1988 by 65 wine-growing families from Salnés who, just 3 years later, obtained, with Condes de Albarei, the gold medal in the Challenge International du Vin de Bordeaux. It was the first time that a Spanish white wine had obtained it.

Since then, it has been thirty-three years of effort and daily dedication to obtain better and better wines. Time has given us the experience and knowledge to extract the best from our Albariño grape and this pack is a perfect selection to taste four of our Albariño grapes. Magnum Condes Albarei sobre lías, Enxebre, Condes de Albarei “Carballo Galego” and Condes de Albarei “En Rama”. Four very different wines to enjoy their nuances at any time of the year.

In addition, we have included a gift, since the pack includes our exclusive Condes de Albarei bottle opener

This pack include:

1 Magnum Condes de Albarei sobre lías 2018 (anniversary edition) 2 bottles of albariño Enxebre 2 bottles of albariño Condes de Albarei Carballo Galego 1 bottle of albariño Condes de Albarei En Rama 1 Exclusive Condes de Albarei bottle opener.

– Condes de Albarei sobre lías 2018: Golden yellow with greenish reflections. Medium-high intensity on the nose, with floral aromas and hints of white fruits. It is a clean, elegant aroma. On the palate, the wine is fresh, balanced and structured. An enveloping, mineral albariño with a long development on the palate and a very aromatic persistent finish.

– Enxebre 2020: Golden yellow color with greenish reflections. On the nose it presents a good aromatic intensity, dominating the fruity aromas of apple, peach, pineapple, on a subtle and elegant background of white flowers. On the palate, the wine es refreshing, smooth and full bodied with a slightly bitter finish that gives it a great personality and complexity.

– Carballo Gallego 2017: Lemon-yellow colour with golden reflections. Fine aromatic intensity on the nose, combining hints of mature fruit characteristic of the grape variety, with the typical aromas of ageing in a barrel, such as hints of spices, coffee, vanilla and coconut. On the palate, the wine is very dense, smooth and long with great aromatic persistence.

– En Rama 2015: Destaca por su franco carácter varietal, floral (acacia, pétalo de rosa), vegetal (jara, espliego), con dejos de miel y una grata y sugerente complejidad. On the palate, it is opulent, silky, oily and smooth, balanced, tasty with integrated acidity. It has a powerful floral finish with hints of herbs and preserved fruit, and an aftertaste of great intensity and duration.


1 Magnun Condes de Albarei sobre lías 2018 (anniversary edition), whose label includes the most relevant milestones in the history of the winery.

2 Bottles of Enxebre 2020

2 Bottles of Condes de Albarei “Carballo Galego” 2017

1 Bottle of Condes de Albarei “En Rama” 2015

1 Exclusive Condes de Albarei bottle opener

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